Let me introduce the ;Docswave.

Hello, we're ;Docswave.

We ;Docswave is the simplest groupware service that addresses the challenges that small and medium-sized businesses may have.

#Build a systematic work process #Manage documents and data conveniently #Reduce unnecessary work 

1. What can you do with the ;Docswave? πŸ˜€
 [Easy and convenient electronic payment]
;Docswave is available to anyone with a Google Account, and users can easily create draft documents in Google Docs documents.

When you create a draft document, the approver receives a mail notification to create and approve comments, and when the final approval is completed, a final approval notification email is sent to the draft and the document is automatically saved to Google Drive.

[Visual vacation management]
Once an organization member has completed a vacation application, the administrator can conveniently manage their # vacation history.
Employees' vacation schedules are automatically registered and shared in the calendar.

[Manage spending and purchases]

After the final approval of the purchase and expenditure resolution proposed by the member, the amount is automatically aggregated by purchase/expenditure item.
The administrator can know how the funds are spent at any time and manage them directly.

[Collaborative Bulletin Board]
Multiple bulletins can be created.
Notice boards automatically send notifications to all members of the organization when you write.
You can manage access to the bulletin board (departmental and individual access).

[Manage employee information] 
The company's departments can be organized into tree structures.
Manage employee information at a glance by department.
Once the administrator adds an employee, the employee is immediately available.

[Contact Management]
Manage information from partners or customers.
Registered contacts are automatically shared with other employees.

2. Why are so many companies using Docswave? πŸ˜€
[Working with various cloud services]
;Docswave works with a variety of cloud systems including Google Drive, Google Calendar, Slack, and G-mail

[Electronic payment available in various document formats]
- Premium form: ; Document form provided to users of Docswave Premium makes data entry easy and statistical.
  (leave statistics, expenditure statistics, purchase statistics, etc.)
- Google Form: Google Drive Document
- Web form: Formatting to quickly create on the web
- Upload Form: PDF, Hangul, Word, Excel, PowerPoint all available.

[Easy, intuitive UI and continuous feature update]
It provides help for each function so that users can use the service without training, and provides an easy and intuitive UI.

[Groupware that works best with Google Workspace]
Google Workspace is a worldwide valued service that has been used by more than 5 million companies today.
The combination of Google Workspace and ;Docswave is a new trend in the groupware market, ensuring maximum work efficiency.
;Docswave is the nation's official Google Workspace reseller who can offer discounts on setup and introduction training. _ [ Google Workspace Request Quote ]

3. Which companies are using Dockswave? πŸ˜€
Already, various companies such as Jikbang, Makeus, Daily Hotel, Mobidays, Wadiz and Kakao Mobility are using Google Workspace and ;Docswave together.

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