Collecting attachments related to me


[Workflow data] Collecting attachments related to me




  • Workflow > Workflow data > Attachments
  • I can check only the files attached to the documents related to me.
  • I can check the document by searching the attached file.



STEP 1 Browse to the Attachments page


  • Access Docswave > Workflow > Workflow data > Attachments


STEP 2 Check attachments

  • By default, files are sorted by document number of the document to which they are attached, and you can sort them by changing them by attachment name and document name.-
  • Click the attachment name to view the preview of the file.
    • Available as a preview screen for Google Drive.
  • You can view the contents of the document by clicking on the document name.


STEP 3 Searching for attachments


  • You can search for attachment names and document names by clicking the 'Search' icon in the upper right corner.
  • It's useful if you want to search for documents based on the attached file.


STEP 4 Downloading Attachments

  • Click on the name of the attachment to view the preview of the Google Drive.
  • The preview screen is a screen provided by Google Drive. Therefore, please download and check the files written in fonts that are not provided by Google.
  • Secure files and large files are not previewed by Google.
  • You can download the file by clicking the Print or Download button in the upper right corner.