To correct labels


[Classify Doc Label] To correct labels




  • Workflow > Classify Doc Label > Label Management
  • You can move the order of the labels.
  • You can modify the name of the label.
  • Labels can be deleted.



STEP 1 Browse to Label management Page


  • Access Docswave > Workflow > Classify Doc Label > Label Management


STEP 2 Move Label Order


  • You can move the label while clicking the three-line hamburger-shaped icon in front of the label name.
  • The parent and child labels move together.
  • Sublabels are located at the top in the order in which they are registered, and cannot be moved separately.


STEP 3 Modify Label Name


  • You can modify the label name and color by clicking on the label name.
  • You can also change a child label to a parent label.
    • A parent label can only be changed without a child label.


STEP 4 Deleting Labels


  • You can delete it by checking the check box on the label you want to delete and clicking the 'Delete an Item' icon in the upper right corner.
    • When you select a parent label, the child label is also selected.
  • Deleted labels cannot be recovered.