To approve/return documents on your mobile


[Docs Approval] To approve/return documents on your mobile




  • Workflow > Docs Approval
  • You can check the contents of the document in my turn to approve on mobile.
  • On mobile, you can register your opinion in the documents and you can approve/reject the document.



STEP 1 Browse to Docs Approval Page


  • Enter Docswave url using in-mobile Internet apps (chrome, Google, etc.) > Workflow >Docs Approval


STEP 2 Check the documents that I need to sign before I approve them.


  • From the [Docs Approval] menu, you can see all the documents in my turn that I need to sign.
  • After checking the document check box in the list, you can label the document and classify it by clicking the Label icon in the upper right corner.
  • Click the document name to see the contents of the document.
    • Premium forms and web forms can be checked directly on the screen, and other Google forms cannot be checked directly on Docswave, and the contents can be checked through Google individual app (spread sheet, docs, etc.).
  • At the top of the document content confirmation screen, you can select Approval/Reject.


STEP 3 Register comments, attach files to documents


  • On the document content confirmation screen, you can click the round icon at the bottom right to register comments, attach files, etc.
  • For approvers with corrections right, you can attach a file to a document by clicking the clip-shaped icon. 
  • You can register comments in a document by clicking the Comment Shapes icon. When registering comments, you can select the member to notify by by clicking the Register To Notify button at the bottom. If not selected, the notification is sent only to the drafter.
  • Approvers with corrections right can modify the document.