Set organizational information 1


[Organization management] Set organizational information 1




  • Admin > Organization management > Organization preferences 
  • You can set and manage Docswave's organization name, logo, URL, etc.
  • You can set and modify Docswave's default language, region, and time zone.



STEP 1 Browse to the Organization preferences page


  • Access to Docswave > Admin > Organization management > Organization preferences


STEP 2 Setting organizational preferences


  • You must click the Save Settings button after uploading the default information, logo image to save your changes.
  • If the URL overlaps with other organizations or if you click the Save button without any changes, the notification message is exposed and not saved.

  • You can log in to and use the Docswave organization directly through the organization URL.


STEP 3 To set up organizational usage information


  • You must click the Save button after setting to save your changes.
  • Draft date, approval date, etc. are displayed with the set date (format).
  • The set language/region/time zone is set by default for invited members.
    • Each member of the organization can edit the items in the [My Info] menu to suit their situation.
    • However, notifications are sent in the language set in your organization. (Mail/Slack)