Managing Security Management Administrator privileges

The Security Management menu lets you set up and manage features based on your permissions.

[Check granted permissions ]

1. Select [Manager] - [Security Management] - [Manager Rights Management]

2. You can check the authorities and grant details on the right screen.

[ Details of privilege classification ]

- ;Account that created the Docswave organization

- Owners of all documents, postings, attachments, etc. used in the organization

- Store all data on Google Drive in the master account

- When deleting Google / G Suite accounts in the master account, the organization cannot be used or accessed

- Transfer or change to another account is not allowed

- Set up and manage all administrator functions in Docswave

- Empower general administrators with task-specific administrative authority

- Administrators granted task-specific administrative rights

- Can be managed by task according to the authorities granted

- Security management not granted

[ Grant General Administrator privileges ]

1. Identification of members who will be authorized

2. Select the permission check box to be granted

3. Save