[Fare Payment Management] Payment Settings

In the payment settings menu, you can register the seat holding status and payment method.

※ Differences in the plan

Flexible Rate System: Payment will be made at the beginning of the next month on a card registered according to the number of members in the organization. 
Annual Plan: X (12/24/36), the number of members of the organization who are in office, will be given the corresponding Seat after a month's advance payment. 
                        The given Seat will be deducted at the beginning of the next month according to the number of members. 

※ What is seat?

As a unit of paid service purchase, one seat is a unit of purchase that allows one user to use the paid service and function for one month. The seat can be purchased by organization.

Blue Seat is the default license paid at the time of payment.
White Seat is a bonus license that is paid for annual payments and has a two-year validity (White Seat will be deducted first).)
It is consumed on a monthly basis of the Seat license and cannot be calculated for a day.

[Check the seat holding status and payment method ]

1. Choose [Manager] - [Fare Payment Management] - [Payment Settings]

2. You can check the status of seat retention on the right screen.

[Register Payment Card ]

※ After registering the card, delete the existing card.

※ Corporate credit card and individual credit card can be registered.

1. Register credit card for payment method + select

2. Enter card information on the screen that is generated

3. Registration