Managing Data Management Workflow documents

You can view, delete, and print all documents from the Workflow Document Management menu.

[Check all documents ]

1. Choose [Manager] - [Data Management] - [Workflow Document Management]

2. Document form selection can be checked

3. Check

※ Overall

※ You can only check the account subject you want.

[Search and browse documents ]

1. Search in the upper right corner or select the cursor below and search

2. Checking the document you want

[Check only documents with the desired conditions ]

1. If you select [£] in the upper right corner, you can check the documents according to the conditions you want.

2. [Eyes] You can set the item to be displayed when selecting the shape.

[Can add comments and files to documents]

1. Select the document you want

2. Select comments and clip shapes

3. Register comments and add documents

[Delete document ]

1. Select the document you want to delete

2. Select the shape of the trash can in the upper right corner

3. Check

※ Documents completed with final approval can also be deleted (Even if the general members who do not have manager's authority are drafts, they cannot be deleted)

※ The number of vacation days deducted when the vacation application is deleted will be fully covered.

[ Document Print (Print) ]

1. Select a document to print

2. Select the print icon at the bottom of the screen

3. Select an option setting (including/exclude approval details and comments) and print it out.

4. Check the screen that is created and print out.

※ Print Options

- You can choose whether to print with and without approval details and comments.

[ Export PDF ]

1. Select the checkbox for one or more PDFs to be exported and select the Export PDF icon in the upper right corner.

2. Select an option setting (approval details, opinion details, attachments, related documents, PDF types) and export

3. PDF in progress Pop-

4. Check your mail

※ Export Options

1. Approval details, opinion details, attachments, and related documents: You can choose whether to include/not include details and files in the PDF file.

2. PDF Types

- Merge : All selected documents are merged into one PDF file and forwarded. This is useful when exporting many documents at once.

- Individual : All selected documents will be converted to their respective PDF files and forwarded to one compressed file (ZIP).

※ If no mail is received

1. Receiving a large amount of e-mail may take some time.

2. If you do not receive persistent mail, please check your spam mailbox and other mail boxes.

Occasionally, filtering may prevent you from being classified into your Inbox.
Search by 'PDF' in the mail search bar to find it faster.