[Organizational Management] Organization Settings and Information

You can manage your organization's settings and information from the Organization Management screen.

[Register and change the organization name/URL/Logo ]

1. Choose [Admin] - [Org Mgmt] - [Org settings]

2. Enter organization name, URL, and logo

3. Save


[ Language, Country (Region), Time Zone, Contact Settings ]

1. Choose [Admin] - [Org Mgmt] - [Org settings]

2. Enter basic language, country, time zone, and contact information

※ After that, you can set the language and country you want for each member.
3. Save


[Delete Organization ]

1. Choose [Admin] - [Org Mgmt] - [Org settings]

2. Select to apply for deletion of the organization

※ Deleted data cannot be recovered, and the data stored on Google Drive will remain intact.


[Enter Organizational Information ]

1.Choose [Admin] - [Org Mgmt] - [Org settings]

2. Enter slogan, organization introduction, date of establishment, website URL, address, etc.

3. Save