Add a open API key


[Authority Management] Add a open API key




  • Admin > Open API Management > Open API Management
  • You can search Docswave's information using the Open API.
  • You can get an Open API KEY and use it according to the purpose.



STEP 1 Browse to Open API Management Page


  • Access Docswave > Admin > Open API Management > Open API Management


STEP 2 To view open API information


  • With the open API, Docswave's content can be invoked and used externally by Web Protocol (HTTP).
  • Docswave offers the following open AI content:
    • Organization Information
    • Leave Information
    • Organizational member information
    • Department Information
  • Learn more and test more at


STEP 3 Getting an Open API KEY


  • Click the Add + Shape icon in the upper right corner.
  • At the bottom of the list, type the name of the API Key that you want to use in the created space and click the check icon on the far right.
  • The generated keys are moved to the top by the sort order.
  • Copy the generated Open API Key and enter it into the program you want to utilize to call it. 
  • The Docswave Open API is configured in a standard REST manner and is available in JSON data format.