Can I get free service support?


Can I get free service support?



Software in Life, Inc., which runs Docswave, is actively participating in creating a better world by developing software that improves the quality of life for people around the world.


As part of this, we support one-year use of Docswave Premium (donation) service only for non-profit organizations.


If any non-profit organization is eligible to issue a donation receipt, try the Trial period and apply for Docswave Premium (donation) service.


If you fill out the attached application form and apply with it, we will issue an estimate according to the information. If you reply to the donation receipt according to the amount, we will proceed with the service support process.

> Link to application : Application for non-profit organization support


When the service expires, it can be renewed through re-application, and new screening criteria may be applied when the service is renewed, resulting in changes in the screening data and application period.



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